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Schwinn Hardware

Schwinn Hardware, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Schwinn Beschläge GmbH, is one of the leading manufacturers in the furniture hardware niche. The company fabricates over 3,000 products including Schwinn pulls, handles and knobs, Schwinn cabinet hardware, wall plates and hinges. At Cool Knobs & Pulls, we are proud to carry their high-quality and value for money products, particularly the hot selling Schwinn hardware pulls.

Schwinn Warranty

With over 80 years’ worth of experience, Schwinn is confident about the quality of their products. This is why the company is willing to offer a 36 month warranty against manufacturing defects for its range of hardware. Claims can be made through its national office in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Schwinn Hardware Antimicrobial Finish

The gorgeous finishing of Schwinn hardware products is more than just looks – it also contains antimicrobial properties which obstruct the growth of microbes. While this does not offer ironclad protection against the dissemination of infections, it can help to slow down the spread of common viruses like the flu.

Range of products

Schwinn specializes in the manufacture of contemporary, vintage and decorative kitchen cabinet hardware. Their products, which are designed in-house, encompass:

• Knobs and Pulls: In cylindrical, rectangular, spherical, abstract and decorative designs with stunning finishes such as matte chrome and satin nickel. Also features specialty designs to lend a quick burst of fun into living spaces.

• Bath hardware (towel and robe hooks): Crafted in unique and striking geometric and abstract shapes in beautiful finishes like matte black and polished chrome.

• Hooks (hats and coats): Designed to be utilitarian without sacrificing their visual appeal. Ranges from single to multiple hooks coated in attractive finishes.

• Bar Pulls: Give cabinet hardware such as drawers and doors a touch of elegance with their crisp lines, smooth surfaces and gorgeous finishes.

Browse through our website if you’re looking to get your hands on Schwinn’s reliable, functional and spectacular cabinet hardware products.

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