Cabinet hardware is a range of items that allow you to open, close and slide cabinet drawers and doors. They come in the form of cabinet handles, pulls, knobs, and back plates. Aside from their obvious functionality, cabinet hardware also provides the finishing touch on the aesthetic design of your home. Whether you’re looking for standard or unique cabinet hardware, Cool Knobs and Pulls offers the widest range of bathroom, storage and kitchen cabinet hardware anywhere online – you’re bound to find what you’re searching for here!

Types of Cabinet Hardware

Our cabinet hardware is divided into three major categories, namely:

(i) Knobs: You mount a knob on the exterior of cabinet doors and drawers using just a single screw and bolt. Knobs have a round or mushroom shape to allow for an easier grip when pulling drawers or doors open. Square knobs are also available, but they need to be of higher quality to prevent them from shifting or rotating over time. Knobs are manufactured using a variety of materials including zinc alloy, brass, bronze, and stainless steel. If you’re going for a trendy or expensive look, knobs made from glass, crystal and natural stones are also available.

(ii) Pulls: You can affix pulls to drawers and doors to facilitate an easy pulling motion. While they can be used in conjunction with knobs, pulls are typically used on larger doors and wider drawers. This is because pulls, also known as cabinet handles, are mounted using two or more screws on opposite ends, which makes them sturdier for prolonged use. While the choice of materials for pulls is similar – usually metal alloy, they have a wider range of designs, lengths and colors to choose from.

(iii) Back plates: These are thin pieces of metals that are placed between knobs or pulls and the surface of doors and drawers. They serve two purposes. The first purpose is to protect the surface of the door or drawers from being damaged. The second and more common purpose is more decorative in nature. Back plates have gorgeous polished and/or decorative finishes which enhance the overall look of cabinets.

Choosing the right cabinet hardware will ensure your doors and drawers are easier to use. They will also help to make your living space more attractive and welcoming. So take your time and browse through our massive catalog of beautiful, practical and cost-effective hardware for your home.

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