Tissue Holder/Assist Bars

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the best. When it comes to preventing falls in the bathroom and providing the elderly and infirm with a sense of independence in the bathroom, toilet paper holder with grab bar is just about the simplest and best way to go. So browse through our collection, including the Delta toilet paper holder with assist bar, to find the perfect grab bar for your bathroom and home.

Toilet paper holder with grab bar can improve quality of life

The fear of falling, injuring oneself or worsening an existing medical condition could cause many among us to avoid moving as much as possible. They’ll stay seated on their chair the whole day until someone comes along to help them to move around. Some even repress the urge to answer nature’s call or even take showers, which could cause other health issues.

However, things will immediately change once grab bars are installed inside the bathroom. Even the weakest among us will revel at the chance of demonstrating our independence. People will work hard to navigate inside bathrooms using grab bars. The sight of a toilet paper holder with grab bar might even become a source of inspiration for some.

As a result, they will have better bowel movements, be cleaner and avoid the risk of infections and require less supervision and assistance. It’s a win-win scenario for everyone concerned.

The best part is that we offer practicality with no trade-off in aesthetics. Our sturdily built and beautifully designed grab bars will blend seamlessly into any bathroom theme, be it contemporary or artistic. You can even choose your favorite finishing. It’s probably worth mentioning that the golden hue of the polished nickel finish is one of our most popular. So don’t wait – improve the quality of life for you or your loved ones today!

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