About Us

CoolKnobsAndPulls.com first opened for business online in August of 2003. To survive and remain relevant for over a decade in the online hardware business is no small feat. In the cluttered field of internet hardware sales, we stand out as a true hardware company. Our house brand - CKP (Cool Knobs and Pulls) is designed, developed, and manufactured directly by us. That is why we can bring you great value for these products. Most of these items are unique to our company and are only available on our website.

Over the years we have grown substantially and seen a lot of changes, but one thing has remained constant: At CKP, you can get great hardware designs at very affordable prices and have your order shipped quickly from our warehouse.

We also believe in providing the highest level of customer service.

We do not outsource any of our customer service work to a third party company as do so many companies that sell products online. When you call or email us - you will be speaking with a customer service representative who works in the same building where all of our product is located; our operation is all under one roof. So, if you need a customer service rep to check an odd dimension on a piece of hardware, just call us - he or she can directly access the product(s) in our facility and get you the answer you need quickly. We would never consider sending your phone call or email inquiry to a third party customer service center in a foreign country on another continent. We handle it all ourselves, the way it should be.

We thank you, our customers, for making CKP the leading destination for cabinet hardware sales on the web for well over a decade!
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