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Fix-it Plates Backplates

fix it plates
The mounting holes on my cabinet drawers are some oddball size and I can't find hardware anywhere to fit the screw holes. Or.... my cabinet drawers have small dimension mounting holes and I want larger drawer pulls on them.

Solution: CKP Fix-it Plates!!!

It's Easy! 

Our Fix-it Plates are designed to be placed over top of the old holes on your cabinet drawers so you can cover them up and drill new holes that will work with the Fix-it Plates and any one of dozens of our drawer pulls that will mate up to the Fix-it Plate.  There are two sizes of Fix-it Plates available. These plates will work with any of our hardware that has a mounting hole dimension of 3 in. (76mm) or  5 in. (128mm).

You must purchase the drawer pulls separately to use with the Fix-it Plates. Here are two direct links to show many drawer pulls in the correct sizes that will work with the Fix-it Plates:

Drawer Pulls With 3 in. (76mm) Mounting Holes

Drawer Pulls With 5 in. (128mm) Mounting Holes

Here's How:

1. Place the CKP Fix-it Plate over the old holes that you intend to cover up.

2. Using a tape measure, be sure to center the Fix-it Plate in both left to right and top to bottom directions.

3. Using a pencil, and holding the Fix-it Plate firmly in place, mark the holes. After marking the holes, remove the Fix-it Plate and double-check that holes are centered and are in the correct location.

4. Drill a 3/16" dia. hole through the drawer front at the marked locations.

5. Insert provided screws through back of drawer, then slip the Fix-it Plate over the screws, then screw on the drawer pull. Your problem is solved!

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#1920 CKP Brand Fix-It Plate Backplate, Brushed Nickel, 3 in.

#1920 CKP Brand Fix-It Plate Backplate, Brushed Nickel, 3 in.

Price: $4.76
#1920 CKP Brand Fix-It Plate Backplate, Brushed Nickel, 5 in.

#1920 CKP Brand Fix-It Plate Backplate, Brushed Nickel, 5 in.

Price: $6.61
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