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How do I install Cabinet Knobs on my Cabinets?

Cabinet hardware makes for a great home improvement item for a few reasons… first, in most cases, you get a new look without a great expenditure of money. If you are remodeling, it is a lot cheaper to switch out the knobs on your cabinets than it is to replace the cabinets. Fresh new cabinet knobs and drawer pulls can bring new life to old cabinets and furniture. Like many fashion items, hardware styles can become dated with time and like your wardrobe, they need to be updated from time to time. The next attribute for hardware is that it is usually easy to install. If you can operate a screwdriver, you can change your hardware.

Knobs are very simple to change because there is only one screw hole to deal with. However, in some instances the old knobs can leave an indention in the wood surface. Before ordering new knobs, you should remove one of the old ones first and check to see if there is a "ring" or other mark in the wood where the old knob was mounted. If this is the case, be sure that the base of the new knobs you are purchasing will cover the old mark.

Regarding materials, we offer cabinet knobs made primarily of zinc, but we offer items produced from brass, aluminum, steel, and glass as well.

Zinc hardware produces a high quality knob at a low cost. In the process of die-casting, the zinc is heated to a liquid state, it is then injected under pressure into a mold in the shape of the item to be produced. Afterwards it is cleaned and polished to be prepared for plating. The finish, or plating, is applied electromagnetically so that the plating material molecules are permanently bonded to the zinc material. Then, depending upon the desired look, the finish is polished, brushed, or tumbled. Polishing produces a "mirror-like" finish like polished brass or chrome. Tumbling produces more rustic finishes like antique brass or pewter, the surface of these knobs will be a little rough with some texture to them. The brushing effect produces a finish like brushed nickel, where the fine brushmarks are visible on the knob or pull. Brushed Nickel is a beautiful finish that wonderfully complements stainless steel sinks and appliances. At we specialize in offering a wide range of beautiful brushed nickel hardware. It is our best selling finish by a wide margin. The brushed nickel look is very much in fashion in the hardware world and an additional benefit of this finish over say chrome, is that brushed nickel does not show fingerprints.

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